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First, let's talk about you

You're not here because you lack confidence or an awesome work ethic. Doing things YOUR WAY has already taken you far.

Disco Dave is pointing at you

Nope, you're here because of the riff!

That nagging 'what's next, what if I never, if only I could' riff in your head that just won't quit.

Not to mention the chorus of 'what got you here won't take you 'there'.

It's all good. You may not know where 'there' is yet, but if you are up for:


  • more clarity, flow and purpose in your life and work

  • more quality time with those you love  

  • more fun and adventure

  • busting the belief ceilings that hold you back, and

  • BEING and feeling, well, more YOU!

You are ready for a REMIX!
Let me stack the decks in your favour...

What's my groove?

Hi! I'm Disco Dave Wynn

I'm an AC accredited Advanced Coach Practitioner, but my apprenticeship started way back. Growing up as an RAF kid, moving from place to place was a masterclass in adaptability, resilience, rapport and connection building.  In what felt like a survive or thrive scenario, I decided to thrive. Today, I'm as enthusiastic about sitting with the tough stuff clients bring as I am with the high vibes and celebrations we enjoy.

And music? Well, music is in my bones.  I love everything about it – how it transports you to memory and emotions, how it challenges and uplifts – everything!  As a DJ for over 20 years, I cannot deny the buzz it gives me.  But nothing has delighted me more than the power it has brought to my coaching.  Call it rapid transformation, call it techno transformation. All I know is it’s a kinda magic!

You'll see!

Disco Dave is enjoying DJing
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Take on me

My 'Ah-ha' Moment

I took to coaching like a duck to water but after 4 years, despite my successes, something felt ‘off’. Like I was somehow holding back or disconnected to an important part of myself. 

Oh yeah, the riff was strong! What if I die with my music still in me? What’s next for me? I knew I had to figure this out.

Digging deep, I invested in a transformational intensive with world-leading coach Rich LItvin. Here, I integrated ALL of me into how I show up and vibe in my life and work: part music-loving, extrovert DISCO, part deep-listening, soul-connecting DAVE. David Wynn took a backseat and DISCO DAVE was unleashed.

Insight after insight began to spring up. I had never felt so alive, focused, or tuned in to possibility. 

Convinced music could be used as a powerful tool for insight when combined with deep coaching, I followed the neuroscience and soon began testing my Music Mapping ™ process with clients.

It worked! What’s more, the results blew me away!

Dave is looking out to sea contemplating

But don't take it from me.

Check out the Client Raves . . .


Clare Jevons

I’d kept myself hidden, I would step back from opportunities, I lacked confidence because the voice inside me would say “Don’t try and shine”. Now I see that’s not me. I forgive myself for being that way. I can put my mind to anything - You changed my life Dave!
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