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DiscoDave DJing

Unleashing the Rockstar in entrepreneurs, performers and creatives through the power of deep coaching and music

You’re a star in your field with the track record to prove it.
But you’ve never been the type to settle.

And now you're jamming with the big questions.

What’s next?  
What does success even look like for me now?

You know the answers lie within, along with possibilities you haven’t yet dared to imagine.


You know you need to take time to stop and tune in. 


And you are looking for an exceptional coach.

I'm Disco Dave Wynn and that is music to my ears!

Because I want you to meet FUTURE YOU.


  • The YOU who is creating a massive impact and empowering others to do the same.


  • The YOU who’s enjoying more love, connection and joy every single day.


  • The YOU who is building a LEGACY.


Disco Dave Wynn smiling

Are you ready?

It all starts with a call...


Chris Thomas

I learned a lot about who I am as a person and began to fall in love with myself. My favourite thing through our work together is I feel comfortable with myself, relaxed in myself. Our conversations have taken me to places where I’ve felt “Wow! I didn’t even know this existed within me, or even in people!” This was Chris Thomas discovering Chris Thomas, that I certainly did! Arigato.
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